Letter to the carthaginian senate

Each autumn a pyre was built outside the old city of Carthage; into it the goddess was thought to throw herself in self-immolation for the sake of the dead vegetation god Adonis — Eshmun.

A Carthaginian coin possibly depicting Hannibal as Hercules i. The threat from the Greek colonists was threefold: He abandoned his mercenaries and sailed to Carthage, only to commit suicide after publicly assuming full responsibility for the debacle After his death, the power of "kings" would be severely curtailed, and the power of the oligarchy, ruling through the "Council Letter to the carthaginian senate Elders" and the newly created "Tribunal of ", correspondingly increased.

Valerium praetorem litteris certiorem Letter to the carthaginian senate, isque L. It exhorted the people to fresh exertions, strengthened the city with guards, and deliberated on the crisis in a brave and manly spirit.

However, the situation changed sometime after BC, when the first Greek trader visited Tartessosand by BC Carthage was actively warring with the Greeks to curb their colonial expansion.

After this ill-fated attempt, a new city of Carthage was built on the same land, and by the 1st century it had grown to the second largest city in the western half of the Roman empire, with a peak population ofAt that point Hasdrubal appears to have acted with great skill and discretion.

Carthage spread her influence along the west coast relatively unhindered, but the chronology is unknown. At the same time Hannibal brought his Balearic slingers and spearmen across the river, and stationed them in advance of his main body; which he led out of their camp, and, getting them across the river at two spots, drew them up opposite the enemy.

It was at this point that Lucius Aemilius fell, in the thick of the fight, covered with wounds: This policy resulted in a number of Iberian towns siding with the Romans during the Punic Wars.

This led him to compare institutions which seem to have little in common, such as the ephors of Sparta and the Court of the Hundred at Carthage, only because both exercised essentially a right of control. But I do not think it becoming in me now to use many words in exhorting you to be brave and forward in this battle.

The Libyo-Phoenicians, who lived in the African domain controlled by Carthage, also had rights similar to those of Carthaginian citizens. If Philip's designs should prove to correspond to the captured despatches and the statements of the agents, he was to write to Marcus Valerius, the praetor, to that effect and then, after placing his army under the command of L.

The death of Dionysius ultimately led to a power struggle between DionDionysius II of Syracuse and other aspirants. Determined to act up to his own exhortatory speech, and seeing that the decision of the battle rested mainly on the legionaries, riding up to the center of the line he led the charge himself, and personally grappled with the enemy, at the same time cheering on and exhorting his soldiers to the charge.

They were stimulated to found their cities by a need for revitalizing trade in order to pay the tribute extracted from Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos by the succession of empires that ruled them and by fear of complete Greek colonization of that part of the Mediterranean suitable for commerce.

Having arrived at the camp and united their forces, they made known the will of the Senate to the soldiers, and Aemilius exhorted them to do their duty in terms which evidently came from his heart. Hannibal set his light-armed troops and cavalry in motion to meet him, and charging the Romans while they were still marching, took them by surprise and caused a great confusion in their ranks.

Carthaginians first moved against Akragas, during the siege of which the Carthaginian forces were ravaged by plague, Hannibal Mago himself succumbing to it.

Valerium, ad quem unum iter tutum fuerit, pervenisse, Campaniam superare nequisse, saeptam hostium praesidiis.

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We will not make plots against, nor lie in ambush for, each other; but in all sincerity and good-will, without reserve or secret design, will be enemies to the enemies of the Carthaginians, saving and excepting those kings, cities, and ports with which we have sworn agreements and friendships.

Carthage stationed troops and some type of central administration in Sardinia and Iberia to control her domain. Himilco was succeeded by his kinsman Mago, who was occupied with subduing the rebellion while Dionysius consolidated his power in Sicily.

Hadrumetum, Utica, and Kerkouane, subjugated the Libyan tribes with the Numidian and Mauretanian kingdoms remaining more or less independentand taken control of the entire North African coast from modern Morocco to the borders of Egypt not including the Cyrenaica, which was eventually incorporated into Hellenistic Egypt.

Apustius, go to the fleet at Tarentum and sail across to Macedonia at the first opportunity and do his utmost to confine Philip within his own dominions.

Inde profecti cum altum tenerent, conspecti a classe Romana sunt quae praesidio erat Calabriae litoribus; Valeriusque Flaccus cercuros ad persequendam retrahendamque navem cum misisset, primo fugere regii conati, deinde, ubi celeritate vinci senserunt, tradunt se Romanis et ad praefectum classis adducti, cum quaereret qui et unde et quo tenderent cursum, Xenophanes primo satis iam semel felix mendacium struere, a Philippo se ad Romanos missum ad M.

She does not appear in the first treaty with Romewhich perhaps means she was fully independent and not even bound in the Carthage-Rome alliance.

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Ancient Carthage

Speech to the Carthaginian Senate Now as you all know, I come to you with a heavy heart. Our great country is coming from a massive defeat at the hands of the Romans and I. Hannibal (general) ( BC), Carthaginian general, son of Hamilcar Barca, whose march on Rome from Spain across the Alps in BC remains one of the greatest feats in military history.

At the age of nine Hannibal accompanied his father on the Carthaginian expedition to conquer Spain. Speech to the Carthaginian Senate Now as you all know, I come to you with a heavy heart.

Our great country is coming from a massive defeat at the hands of the Romans and I. The qualifications of senators and the precise functions of the senate are also far from clear, and even defining the senate itself is difficult as, in the Punic language.

there seems not to have existed a word for the 'senate' as a whole. A Carthaginian garrison was admitted to the city, and a Carthaginian fleet sailed into the Messanan harbor.

However, soon afterwards they began negotiating with Hiero. Alarmed, the Mamertines sent another embassy to Rome asking them to expel the Carthaginians.

Letter to the carthaginian senate
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